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Many of these testimonials/reviews came from our Facebook page, please check it out!



Amazing, considerate breeder. Best Dobie I have EVER had. Very, very smart and sweet. Thank you, Shady Grove!

Johana Ferresterous


Donna ~ Jason and I wanted to express how much we appreciate you and what you do! We love our Levi and he has already stolen our hearts- You truly love what do and it shows :) He is the sweetest temperament and is absolutely gorgeous! - THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Hope Price


We got Zeus (aka Spirit) from Donna last week at 8 weeks old. She was great throughout the whole process and made it so easy. I can't explain how wonderful Zeus is and how we couldn't have asked for a more perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much Donna for making this possible.

Theresa Kline


We had an awesome experienceand time at Shady Grove a beautiful place in a quiet area. Beautiful healthy Dobermans all around! We got Coal and he is already as spoiled as can be. I emailed Donna when I was over seas a year before I would be able to get Coal but she didn't say let me know when you get home or anything like that she emailed me back and forth answering all questions and kept in touch when it was possible for us too. And was as sweet as could be and truly an expert. If you're considering buying a Doberman from Shady Grove stop wasting your time and do it!!!


We love our sweet Doberman! It made me feel a lot better knowing we had a lot of paperwork and information given to us before we left on things like all his shots, ear cropping references, and the do's and don'ts upon bringing our new puppy home. We completely fell in love with him.

Piper Lauren Dagenhart


Donna is really sweet and she is very knowledgeable about the Doberman breed her kennel was very clean and all the dogs look happy and healthy and that is one of the main reasons why we pick shady grove and got our Karma aka Meriella (Dob 5-27-15) Beauty and Beast litter from her.

Also, we opted not to have Karma ears done by her has we wanted her home Asap and a closer vet in our area to do her ears. Well here where I ran into the problem we seen 3 different vets that said her ears would NEVER stand up as they were to big and to heavy so, I called Donna and she said she has never had that problem with her vet and to give them a call.

We took karma to them and he said she shouldn't have a problem but with all dogs you run that risk but he felt confident that they would so we made the drive to see him and had her ears done. They did do the insert thing and they were taken out on 6 weeks, the Dr was very pleased how well they did and we didn't even have to post them after the inserts came out!

So if you choose a beautiful Doberman from Donna, I highly recommend her and the vet that she uses they are both awesome!!! Thanks again for our baby!! PS I would include pictures but there isn't a option for it.

Emma Lemma


Amazing people and beautiful dogs! A fantastic experience that has brought us great joy...

Kristine Johns


I got my Gabriel ( aka Max ) from Donna around 14 months ago, what a big beautiful, confident and strong dog he is becoming. She has some wonderful dogs and a very nice Kennel. We also love her vet so much, that we still take the 2 hour drive when we go there.

Craig Jones Sr.


I got my Gabriel ( aka Max ) from Donna around 14 months ago, what a big beautiful, confident and strong dog he is becoming. She has some wonderful dogs and a very nice Kennel. We also love her vet so much, that we still take the 2 hour drive when we go there.

Craig Jones Sr.


We love our boy Lance and will definitely be back!!

Byron Morgan


Shady Grove is a great place to purchase a Doberman. We purchased our Dobe 3 months ago. She is now 5 months, growing fast, healthy, alert, and very smart. Shady Grove is very supportive even after our puppy purchase. Thanks, Donna Seeker, for the addition to my family.

Shandarrick Barnes


We love our Jewel so much that we went back a second time and got Foxy! They are now best buds!

Michelle Sorokoty


We love our Dobe from Shady Grove. She is now four months old and we consider her one of our best purchases. She is so sweet and loving and super smart! Love, love her!!

Jessica Bush Buxton


Donna, I just wanted to thank you again so much for our new Doberman puppy. He is by far the sweetest and smartest dog I've ever met. Every single day he is growing more and more. He loves to lay in bed and play with our other dog and cat. He knows his name very well. He is already at 12 weeks and knows come, sit ,stay and lay down. We take him to the dog park to socialize/exercise him almost every day. You are by far one the most professional breeders around. We will definitely be giving out your card to all that ask about our Dobi. He's going to be a very big and beautiful boy as you can see in the pictures attached. Thank you again and we will keep in touch. Kyle Madden


I never really add my comment but in this case I have too; Donna Seeker is the one of the nicest ladies I have spoken too, she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Dobermans. Her dogs are absolutely stunning and the love and pride she has for the breed let alone her own animals is more than apparent. Her new kennel is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to purchasing pup from her in the near future... keep up the good work, YOU ARE AWESOME !!! hope to talk soon again... god bless you and your family as well

Patricia Rodriguez


Thank you Donna for my beautiful MAX, he is the sweetest, smartest, most affectionate dog I have ever had! He has the perfect temperament and just loves to play and cuddle with my grand-kids. He is absolutely gorgeous and everyone stops me to ask where I got him!!! I give out your information all the time. I will be back to get a playmate for him soon! Thank you again Shady Grove Kennel for all your hard work! Carol Martin


Hi Donna, This is Nancy and Stanley Grodek we just wanted to share some pictures of Diva and Ranger. Ranger still whines to get his way; like you said, "He is a whiner." We've never heard such noises come from a puppy, now whining at 75 pounds at almost 8 months old. Diva is a real lady, very feminine. She holds her own when playing with him. She will bark and "tattle" on Ranger if she catches him misbehaving.

We were fortunate to be able to buy a house in January in a very quiet neighborhood in the country with access to a lake where they can go with us. We also have a screened in back porch where the sun shines in the morning. They like to lie and "sun bathe" on the sunbrella bed that the former owner left for us when they moved. They love to run and play with us in the yard. It is so amazing to watch them run. Then they sleep in the bed with us at night and wherever else they want to in the house during the day. 

Everyone that sees them remarks how beautiful and "good natured" they are. However, they are so protective of us and the house,no one comes in until we tell them it's OK. Then they are fine as long as we are. We are grateful to you for allowing us to be a part of your doberman family. Diva and Ranger are happy, lacking for nothing; our veterinarian said she wished all her animals were taken care of as well as ours. We saw the pictures of your new kennel for your dogs. It is beautiful. We are so happy for you and your Dobies. Please feel free to share the photos of Diva and Ranger. Many warm days in the winter and cool days in the summer are wished for you and your pups. 


          We purchased a pair of Dobermans a few months ago from Donna Seeker at Shady Grove Kennel. We visited the kennel several times before our puppies were ready to come home and every time we were greeted by 3 or 4 Dobes who were incredibly friendly and well behaved. Donna took the time to show us around and spent hours talking to us, answering all of our questions and helping us pick out our puppies. It was very clear she loves her dogs and takes excellent care of them. We were very impressed by her beautiful new kennel building and the 25 acre property she has to let the dogs run on, it’s the perfect place for Dobermans! 

         We bought a black male we named Romeo and a red female we named Juliette from two different litters at the same time. We couldn’t have made a better decision, they are together non-stop and constantly make us laugh at their playful antics. These dogs are crazy smart and people are always complementing us on how beautiful they are! They have so much personality we couldn’t be happier!!! Thank you Donna for answering all of our questions both before and after we brought our dogs home and for always being there when we call.

Lisa Cruise


Wanted to send a few photos of Barron, AKA Rascal .... He is the Sweetest Dog we have ever had , like a Giant Teddy Bear , but very protective of us . He is growing every day and getting smarter and smarter with his commands and tricks , every one that sees him ask where we got him . We have not had him neutered yet and are thinking when the time is right we would let him stud out once before we have him fixed. Again Many Thanks For Such A Great Dog And Companion . Love In Christ , John & Robert


         I first purchased a Doberman puppy (black male) in October of 2012. I was in the process of purchasing a home and Donna Seeker agreed to keep him for me until the closing which was the beginning of November. This was a great help to me because of the transition. It made it easier for him and myself. He is and was so well adjusted when he came home. The credit goes to Shady Grove and their staff as he was there until he was about 5 months old. 

       I told Donna I was looking for a red female and to keep me in mind. She then contacted me a few months later regarding a red female she had. She sent me pictures and because of the great service I received from the first one I bought her just from her picture. Not a good thing to do, but she has such a nice kennel set up and her puppies are treated as family. I just felt I could trust her. I was right and the trust I had in her was well worth the wait. 

       I thought I was done at that point. But the other day Donna posted new pictures on her sight, and again just with the picture I purchased a blue female. She is another great puppy. My reasoning in this is to let her know how much I appreciate her and her friendly staff. She has gone above and beyond to keep her puppies clean and healthy. When I took my puppies in for their check ups, the vet each time has stated how nice they are and that she has given more than enough shots to keep them healthy for their age. This kennel is more than helpful with any questions or concerns anyone may have. I have received many compliments on my babies and I thank Shady Grove Kennel for the opportunity to have them. Thank you Donna and your crew, Laurie Stewart


Donna, as a master handler, and with over 15 years experience, I can tell that you love your dog's! I have been to 100's of kennels throughout my life, and it is very nice to see a breeder that puts the dog's first. I wish that more people would follow your example of how a kennel should be ran, and hopefully some will. I wish the law enforcement family still used Dobermans as working dog's, because you would  be sold out all the time! Mike Humfleet


Hi Donna,

My boyfriend, John Costantino and I brought home one of your wonderful Dobie pups in May. King (3/10/13) now called Cassius King Ali "Cash" has exceeded our expectations. John has always been fond of the breed and I am now an advocate! Cash has the best temperament...he is active and playful, as any puppy should be, but maintains the intelligent, stoic, and loyal demeanor of the perfect Doberman. He is the companion I've always desired and people around Athens know and love him. We are so very grateful for the time and attention you give your dogs and thankful that your puppy gives us so much joy. He is growing so quickly and we are loving every moment with him. Take care! Hannah 


Liara (nearly 8 months now) is 60lbs and still growing! She is the sweetest, smartest, goof of a dog we have ever had. Her favorite things are to find a patch of sun to nap in, cuddle up on the couch next to one of us, or play with her doggie "big sister." We have graduated puppy class and are working on our basic obedience training class now. Everyone is continually impressed with her quick intelligence and focus during training. I have never had another dog like this, she is absolutely amazing! Having never had a Doberman Pinscher before, I wasn't sure what to expect. We are so happy to have a pup from Shady Grove Kennel- her personality surpasses any of my expectations and she is gorgeous. We always get compliments on how beautiful and sweet she is!!

Brittany Murphy

UGA CVM Student Ambassador

DVM Candidate Class of 2015



Thank you so much! He is doing fantastic! Over the 4 days he’s been with us he has gone to two training classes. They are imprinting him for protection and they said he is the PERFECT candidate and that he has extremely impressive bite strength for an 8 week old puppy!!! He is so intelligent it’s unreal!!! He has perfected sit, down, and stay in just 2 days and hasn’t had a single accident!!! He goes straight to the back door and straight in after he goes! I’m so glad we stumbled across you, you have provided us with the perfect Dobe!! He’s getting his ears done on Wednesday, ill post pictures as soon as I get them!! Thank you again! Kate Roberts


Romeo is doing great! Let me tell you, he makes a great bed buddy!!! My husband wanted me to ask you to notify us when you breed Goliath. We would love to have a male (preferably the largest one) puppy of his. Thanks for all you do, I know you job is hard and tasking, but as a puppy owner I appreciate it!!!

Thanks. Christy Hubbard


Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much we LOVE our little Butler. He tolerated the long ride home that day from your house. No problem. He loves his food, his toys, cuddling and has explored every corner. We've had a few potty accidents but usually when we fail to get him out in time. ​ He actually "gives us a look" when he needs to go out and that is remarkable at this age. He is more advanced (smarter???) than our labs were at this age. We just couldn't be happier. I hope you were able to enjoy a calm holiday with your family after we all got out of there! Thank you, Joy and Jeff Hanson and Butler


Good afternoon! I adopted a puppy from you in July, her name was Abby... Well, we named her daisy, and I thought I would share photos of her with you. She is so beautiful and we just love her!!! Thank you for letting us adopt her!!! Jennifer Hackett


Hi Donna, We​ got Queen Sunday night, and she is AMAZING!!!! I love this dog sooo much!! We renamed her Koda, and I swear she already knows her name! Thanks!!! Julie & Robert

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